too sick tuesday: food for thought

do you like valentine’s day?

okahey 007

pretty sure the last time i celebrated valentine’s day i thought this was an awesome hair accessory…

i don’t, particularly.  i was just looking around the internet this afternoon

while i was wallowing in my elementary school child fueled sinus infection

when i decided to google

what can i mail?

google it for yourself. go ahead!


isn’t it amazing? i didn’t know you could mail stuff like that either.

so, i am one of two things:

  1. about five years late to the ‘mail weird stuff to people i only sort of am acquainted with  know phase OR
  2. i’m about to mail all kinds of weird stuff

mailed anything weird lately?

weirder things have happened. for instance: i posted more than once in a calendar year on this blog.


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