can we talk?

can we talk for a second about the vilification of teachers in the media  and in general?

i read an article on today. (i LOVE quora. i don’t have a Facebook, this is my Facebook)

the article was talking about some study somewhere that found an average ACT score of 19 amongst all of Chicago Public Schools teachers. this “data” (god, we love that word, don’t we?) is being used to prove that teachers MUST be the bottom feeders of society, those that had no hope of doing anything else with their lives and thus, they teach.

i’m still relatively fresh to public education. that means that i’ve not yet hit the five year mark that is supposed to determine whether or not i am worthy/smart enough to do something else with my life besides teach.


that statistic? pure crap. crap to the level that i can’t even.  and i don’t even. use that phrase.

to anyone that wants to talk about how teachers are not adequate to actually teach our youth i say this:

not everyone is qualified ENOUGH to be a teacher. i think that before you are allowed to declare  who is and is not adequately armed to teach you should be forced to do it for real for at least two years.

rant over. i have a life to live in the meantime.

no one reads this anyway.


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